Diaconia: ECCB - Center of Humanitarian and Development Aid


Our Goal:

Diaconia: Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ECCB) is the second largest nonprofit organization in the Czech Republic with a 110 year history. The Center of Relief and Development is one of their 34 centers. We are based in Prague, Czech Republic and have an American office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We specialize in Humanitarian Aid, Social Service, and Development projects, with on-going work in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Our mission is to pursue justice and provide a better life for those in greatest need. We envision a world where all members of the global community live with dignity, equality, and respect. We help everyone, regardless of race, religion, culture, nationality, or gender.

Diaconia ECCB: Center of Relief and Development partners with small non-profits across the globe, helping them to better serve their communities. We strive to empower those we work with and utilize local resources and expertise whenever possible. Our primary goal is to support and collaborate on long-lasting projects that address local health, social, environmental and economic issues.

Our work includes:
• Training social and health care workers to enhance home care services for elderly and vulnerable people in rural Moldova. We believe that everyone deserves a life imbued with dignity and respect.
• Preparing volunteers to best respond to international relief efforts. Our EU Aid Volunteers work in small communities in Africa and Asia, enhancing preparedness and building resilience again disasters.
• Teaching farmers best practices in agriculture to increase crop yields and reduce environmental damage. Our goal is to ensure that the nutritional needs of a community are met without damaging the local ecology.
• Establishing the Peace Oasis community center for Syrian youth in Za’atari refugee camp. Trained staff teach peaceful conflict resolution strategies and use art and play therapy, sports, and music to help youth process their trauma.
• Distributing blankets, medicine, grains, and school supplies to internally displaced people in Mali.
• Establishing self-help groups. When women join together, they exchange knowledge and resources and create solid support networks. By sharing their experiences and finances, women are empowered and are able to build stronger businesses and communities.
• Connecting women with savings accounts. We believe that by connecting women to saving accounts they are able to have greater control over their income, plan for major life events, and keep their children in school.
• Providing women with seed money to start new businesses. We give women in Ethiopia one-time loans and business training so that they can become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.


General Information

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Diaconia: ECCB - Center of Humanitarian and Development Aid Funds